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Human connection is in our DNA 

We strive to enhance the connection between individuals by providing comprehensive insight and opportunities to grow.




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Comprehensive insights into what we do

Ian Geddes from Personexus
Ian Geddes

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Ian has been consulting to businesses for over 20 years. He drives individual, team and organisational growth with insights into behaviour in workplaces. He has worked with start-ups, small businesses through to enterprises in a wide variety of industries.  

Ian’s passion for providing behavioural insight facilitates the growth of individuals, teams and corporate cultures. Having conducted thousands of behavioural profiles for selection and developmental purposes and providing in depth behavioural feedback and debriefs to candidates and hiring managers.

​He has coached supervisors on mine sites to CEO's of major corporations building that person’s understanding of their influence and facilitating behavioural change to enhance the outcomes they want. Ian runs workshops designed to facilitate people's leadership or teamwork interactions with a focus on enabling better outcomes.

He has worked with leaders to understand, measure and shape organisational culture driving more agility, empowerment, effectiveness and profitability.

Ian started designing and developing profiling tools to explore and understand people’s behaviour at work over twenty years ago.  Now a wide range of applications for cultural measurement, 360 degree feedback, cognitive abilities, and insight into different drivers of workplace behaviour.


As we use a profiling tool over time, we learn more about what it can tell us at a behavioural level and we better understand the tools relationship to different models and theories. 


The more we put into reports the greater the benefit to you in understanding your candidates behaviour.


If you use our tools, please be part of the research process.

Social Responsibility

Personexus takes its social responsibility seriously, contributing back into society in several ways:

  • Local community:  We volunteer personal time and effort to various organisations including a number of sporting clubs.

  • Financially:  We contribute donations to charities and aim to apportion a percentage of all revenue from TheWorks Profiler™ to go toward helping the homeless.  

  • Professionally:  We contribute to the development of professionals in the field of psychology by supervising Masters students.

  • Business:  We add value to businesses by helping people in business be the best they can be.

Our Core Values


How we do things

We focus on consistently operating in the following manner;


Honest | Being straight forward and open

Excellence | The best at what we do

Inventive | Creatively delivering Solutions that work

Friendly | Empathy, no judgement and respectful interactions